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The Lancaster
What a little gem, the Lancaster is. A historical hotel in downtown Houston, I was greeted by the most helpful staff and even surprised with some goodies upon my arrival. Within walking distance of many theatre (or theater) attractions, you can walk to your evening performance and walk right back to the hotel after a night of entertainment.
Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley celebrate Christmas in Houston, Texas
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My spacious suite had a separate bedroom area and a giant bathroom. I could have used a bathtub since that is my comfort zone away from home but in all honesty the schedule was so busy I wouldn't have even had time to enjoy it. A dining area with seating for six was perfect to set up home base while we produced two weeks of programming from Houston. And a living area with comfy couch and TV to relax.
After the long days in Texas, the bed was comfy enough to sleep like a baby.
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