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A great day above ground
Before you call me creepy the selfies are actually taken at a spot on the floor encouraging people to take selfies. So I didn't start it! Don't judge!
I have to admit, I was rather intrigued when I heard Houston was home to the National Museum of Funeral History. And naturally I wondered if the place would be some morbid hole in the wall. Turns out it's a pretty fancy place. There are artifacts from decades gone by including a gallery of presidential funerals, showbiz tributes, 9/11 items and so many vehicles the place could pass as a car dealership.
Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley celebrate Christmas in Houston, Texas
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It really is quite fascinating to see the way people were buried and are buried. For instance, a gambler who wanted a bunch of money stuck to his final resting place. And to see how the deceased were transported decades ago is eye opening.

Despite being over 30,000 square feet and having hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces in its collection, the National Museum of Funeral History is largely unknown by people in Houston. Actually, so far I have yet to run into someone who knows it exists.