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Cowboy conversion
After the Houston itinerary was confirmed we got a suggestion from a radio listener to have me transformed into a cowboy. Well, your wish is our command so we met up with the guys of Texas National Outfitters. Alex greeted me and immediately offered me a shot of whiskey. Immediately I thought, "This is my kind of store!" Later, Bill joined us and told me all about the process of custom boot making. I had no idea the process that is involved and even the old equipment they still use to make a boot that fits exactly to your foot.
The showroom has everything to outfit you from head to toe -- literally. Alex said you could walk in the store in sandals and a T-shirt and you can leave a true cowboy or cowgirl. And that was exactly my mission (the cowboy part, not the cowgirl).

As I hurried around the store with Alex who dressed me in several different outfits -- that you will see on the next page -- I heard of the other things that happen at the store. It truly is a community hang out with local performers entertaining you, local artists whose creations are sold in the store and spontaneous visits from celebrities.
Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley celebrate Christmas in Houston, Texas
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I was taken behind the scenes and given the opportunity to see what goes into making a custom boot. Bill mentinoed that it takes about one full day to make a boot with all the preparation and stitching once a customer's feet have been measured. (Fun fact: They say that a person's feet are slightly different sizes.)
So I couldn't spend the afternoon at TNO without getting my feet wet, so to speak. On the next page you will see my transformation from Canadian prairie boy to Texas cowboy.
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